What is the Future of Loyalty Programs?

What is the Future of Loyalty Programs?

For the last fifty years or so, for many marketers, “Loyalty” has been synonymous with Points Programs. Nearly every hospitality organization and retailer has a Points Program to drive engagement in episodic businesses. The value on both sides is clear. Consumers...

6 Tips When Going Global with Your Subscription Model

A key tactic in scaling your subscription model is “going global”–that is, bringing your offering to other countries and markets. But going global is about more than just translating your content, or enabling multiple currencies. I have been working...

To Refund or Not?

You should be thoughtful about refund policies because they can create tremendous goodwill and mitigate customer support efforts.

Enterprise SaaS (B2B) and The Membership Economy

One area where I get loads of questions is around B2B SaaS for the enterprise. In this article, I want to share some of the many ways SaaS organizations can benefit from the Membership Economy.