Making the Most of Your Time

The summer I was 16, I got a job working for my father's law firm. That was the summer I learned the word nepotism. My dad was determined that no one would claim that I was taking advantage of being "the boss' daughter". My role was to assist the secretaries. I picked...

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Maybe the Secret to Advertising is…Subscriptions?

I have always encouraged organizations to choose a lane when it comes to pricing. The power of subscriptions is that they are a good way to price when you're solving the subscriber's problem on an ongoing basis. Subscription pricing aligns the goals of the reader with...

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Advice for College Grads Seeking A Job

My daughter is graduating this week from college with honors in History and Literature. She's an excellent researcher, and has worked for multiple professors, as well as a skilled comedic and creative writer. And she loves biology and medicine--some of her research...

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10 Common Questions About Subscription Models Answered

Whenever I speak about membership and subscription models (which is often) I receive questions about subscription model best practices. I thought it would be useful to answer a bunch of the most common "real world" questions. Maybe these are the same questions you...

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A veritable blueprint for success in the new membership economy.