From the author of the breakout bestseller, The Membership Economy, comes a ready-to-use game plan for running a successful, and sustainable, subscription business.

A veritable blueprint for success in the new membership economy, this book is a must-have for organizations of any size. It’s a true game-changer. Baxter takes readers through every step of the subscription business process—from initial start-up or testing of a new model to scaling the operation for long-term growth and sustainability to revamping your culture so everyone works together to optimize customer lifetime value.

It covers all the essentials like subscription pricing, Software-as-a-Service, digital community engagement, and freemium incentives as a way to turn casual browsers into cash-paying superusers. It also features first-hand insights into subscription superstars like Amazon and Spotify. Most importantly, it shows readers how to build lasting relationships with their customers that are the very foundation of business success—today, tomorrow, and forever.

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Praise for The Forever Transaction

Member-centricity is the core of successful associations and, increasingly, thriving companies. In The Forever Transaction, Robbie Baxter captures the techniques that Amazon, Netflix, LinkedIn, and others are using to build sustained customer relationships. Leaders of any membership organization can gain insight and practical tips from Robbie Baxter’s book.

John H Graham IV, FASAE, CAE

CEO & President, American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)

In this book, growth strategist Robbie Kellman Baxter teaches the most important business strategy of our time: creating enduring relationships with customers. Through accessible research and practical guides, The Forever Transaction takes the mystery out of what it takes to create a forever organization.

Lisa Kay Solomon

Co-author of the bestseller, "Moments of Impact" and "Design a Better Business", Founding Chair, "Transformational Practices and Leadership" at Singularity University

Companies that sell products to strangers aren’t going to last long in this new subscription economy. This is an excellent playbook for any organization looking to launch a sustainable membership strategy.

Tien Tzuo

Bestselling Author of "Subscribed", Found and CEO of Zuora

If you’re looking for a blueprint on how to succeed in the membership economy, this is it. Robbie Baxter has extensive knowledge of the subscription business model, and fortunately for entrepreneurs everywhere, she put it in writing.

Nick Mehta

CEO, Gainsight

Robbie’s work is an essential blueprint for any company or organization looking to build lasting and powerful relationships with their customers.

Mike Aragon

SVP Content, Twitch

Subscriptions are all the rage these days, but to stand out and truly capitalize on their potential business must start and end with a solid understanding of its customers. Baxter’s excellent book shows you exactly how to do this, with fresh case studies and practical tools that spell out what it really takes to ensure that “forever” is just that.

Marco Bertini

Professor of Marketing at ESADE (Barcelona)

The Forever Transaction is the best, most indispensable set of best practices I’ve ever seen on building and sustaining a subscription-based business model.

Peter S Fader

Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Author of "Customer Centricity" and "The Customer Centricity Playbook"

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