The top people in the organization set the strategy.  And then lament the fact that no one else seems to be strategic in the organization.

If you want to be successful in business, you must master business strategy, and be able to think strategically

Learn how to step back to leap forward in this powerful 60 minute seminar.

Join me March 13 at 11AM Pacific, and learn:

  1. What strategy is and why it’s so important
  2. Why most strategic plans sit on the shelf, and never become reality
  3. Why strategic thinkers get promoted over hard workers every time–and how you can stand out by thinking smarter
  4. How to get your whoe team thinking more strategically in less than four minutes
  5. Why your boss's tactics translate into your strategy
  6. How to use data and testing to quickly get others to support your vision
  7. How the internet and mobile technology are dramatically changing the way strategy is developed

Whether you’re the CEO trying to build a more agile organization, or developing the skills to be a bigger picture thinker– this teleconference is for you.   Because space is limited, and seats are available on a first come, first serve basis, please reserve your space in advance to ensure you are included.

Use promocode STRAT14 to get a complimentary spot — special to blog readers!