My recent post on  "25 Reasons to Call Your Mentor" inspired my friend and fellow Master Mentor Dan Weedin to write 25 more.  There are only 35 of us globally, who have been trained and certified by Million Dollar Consultant(TM) Alan Weiss, and this community of seasoned consultants has been a tremendous resource me for most of my 12 years running Peninsula Strategies.

1.    To help you manage your time

2.    To answer question on how to maintain good life balance 

3.    When you need a confidence boost

4.    To get a second opinion

5.    When you’re feeling anxious or scared

6.    When something worked and you want to learn how to replicate it

7.    To review your demo video

8.    To help you get better referrals

9.    When you need something clarified or defined

10. To learn how to get past a gatekeeper

11. To learn how to overcome objections

12. When you need to vent

13. When you need a sounding board

14. To review your articles, white papers, and executive briefs

15. To help you create intellectual property

16. To review your marketing material

17. When you need the right answer to your biggest concern fast

18. To gain confidence before you walk in the door to a new prospect 

19. When you need to hear the truth

20. When you need to learn how to run a webinar or teleconference

21. When you don’t know the answer

22. Before you send the email response to make sure it’s good

23. To help you learn how to effectively network

24. To help you create press releases

25. To guide you towards valuable resources