Enterprise SaaS (B2B) and The Membership Economy

One area where I get loads of questions is around B2B SaaS for the enterprise. In this article, I want to share some of the many ways SaaS organizations can benefit from the Membership Economy.

What it Really Means to be Customer-Centric as a Consultant

This morning, when I was driving my kids to school,  I was behind a truck that said “Father & Son Contractors: Specializing in Full Service Apartment Turnovers”  Really interesting.  These guys might have just focused on cleaning, or painting, or...

Robbie’s Rules of Thumb: When Free Makes Sense

Too many companies offer something for free because they know that the “free” will attract new customers, but don’t have a business model that monetizes these “freesters”. Gathering eyeballs and building relationships with prospects can be a key part of a successful business model, but only if it leads directly to revenue.

2013 Trends in SaaS Marketing

SaaS continues to be a hot topic, especially here in Silicon Valley.  But widespread adoption in the enterprise hasn't quite arrived.  While there has been some significant success, notably with companies like Salesforce.com, Concur, ConstantContact,...